Tessy – Colección 2021

Tessy – Colección 2021

Línea Tribal. ©Roidal / Tessy




Tessy, Roidal's youth brand, presents its new collection in which glamor and beach style are the protagonists.

Starting with a carefully thought-out design that compliments and shapes the feminine figure and where patterns and the quality of the fabrics are the common denominators, Tessy’s SS21 collection is made up of multiple pieces with simple and refined lines and a timeless style.

Flattering bikinis with infinite style possibilities, from triangle tops to halter necks and from high-waisted to side-knotted bottoms, are combined with sublime cut swimsuits where formal minimalism reigns and details such as drapes, gatherings, strapless necklines and metal beads frequently appear, underlining the brand’s strong character.

In the colour palette, black and white come together in a geometric print that stands out for its metallic mesh pattern. It is sometimes splashed with zigzags, graphics and small shiny details, creating lively prints where animal prints coexist with plant and floral ones.

To complete the collection, there are comfortable kaftans, dresses knotted at the back, and matching asymmetric-length shirts with the prints from the swimwear collection as well as delicate Roman-style dresses with which the glamour of the beach style becomes a must at any time of the day.


Línea Savana. ©Roidal / Tessy


Línea Longbay. ©Roidal / Tessy

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